Simple understanding of gear classification of gear reducer

According to the relative position relationship between a pair of gear shaft and shaft, it can be divided into parallel shaft gear transmission and cross shaft gear transmission. Parallel shaft gear transmission can be divided into cylindrical gear transmission and non-circular gear transmission. According to the tooth profile, it is divided into gear transmission, circular arc gear transmission and cycloidal gear transmission.

The intersecting shaft gear transmission is divided into straight bevel gear transmission and helical bevel gear transmission according to the shape of the tooth line. The spiral bevel gear transmission has spiral bevel gear transmission, cycloidal gear cone drive and other base bevel gear transmission. The transmission of hypoid gears for crossed axis helical gears can be divided into hypoid gear transmission and Cycloidal Tooth hypoid gear transmission.

Worm drive can be divided into cylindrical worm drive, toroidal worm drive and conical worm drive. The cylindrical worm drive has Archimedes cylindrical worm drive (ZA), circular cylindrical worm drive (ZC), Zhejiang open line cylindrical worm drive (ZI), straight cylindrical worm drive (ZN). The worm gearing can be divided into TA, TI, TI and TK.

According to the relative motion relationship between the axle and axle, the fixed axis gear train and epicyclic gear train can be divided into two parts. In epicyclic gear trains, an active member forms a definite motion called a planetary gear train, and the two active parts form a definite motion called a differential system. In the planetary gear transmission, there are mainly planetary gear drive with zhe open line and planetary gear drive with few teeth difference. Planetary gear transmission with small tooth number difference can be divided into zhe open line gear, small tooth difference planetary transmission, cycloidal pin wheel planetary gear reducer and harmonic gear drive.

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