Overseas drive giant to seize the high-end market of China’s occupied reducer

With the accelerated pace of economic globalization, Germany, France, Japan and other countries of the driving equipment manufacturing giants have rushed to China, occupying the middle and high-end market of our speed reducer.

In order to improve the domestic market share of domestic equipment and create national independent brand, the sealing performance of the transmission equipment is high in our chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For a long time, because of the poor sealing performance of domestic transmission equipment, it has caused serious pollution of various industrial gases, liquids and dust.

In recent years, large speed reducer manufacturers in China have also developed a high power, coaxial gear reducer, a Y gear reducer adapted to the needs of mine and underground operation, and suitable for high temperature and high pressure application equipment. The planetary series reducer needed is suitable for more than 20 large categories, hundreds of specifications of series products, such as rotating planetary gear continuously variable speed reducer with large speed range.

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