Fredrick Transmission Analysis

Fredrick Transmission analysis? What is a first and two stage gear reducer?

In the gear reducer is not very good friends, may not understand why gear reducer classification, there will be a series of points. The following explanation is:

  1. What is the gear reducer series?

Gear reducer, in the transmission deceleration, is fully dependent on multistage gear to form a transmission to form a deceleration ratio, speed reduction, torque and other performance; the first level is composed of a number of gear meshing transmission.

  1. Why is there a number of gear deceleration opportunities?

In order to allocate the transmission ratio reasonably, if the transmission ratio is unreasonable, the structure is too large, the ratio is disproportions, the wear of the high speed wheel is aggravated, and the general transmission ratio is assigned to (straight tooth):

Single level: i<=5; two level: i=8-30; three level: i=35-300 (Reference)

The first and two gear reducer is commonly used.

  1. Gear reducer with no three or more

Few commonly used, special separate design, if the transmission ratio is big, can consider “worm gear reducer”, but its characteristics are, low efficiency, and can also use “planetary reducer”, three or more than three gear reducer drive efficiency is low, noise, is not suitable for large-scale use.

When purchasing gear deceleration, it is necessary to determine and rotate gear reducer’s series requirements according to actual conditions.