Reducer is widely used in various fields of national defense industry

In recent years, the reducer has been widely used in various fields of national economy and national defense industry in China. The product has slowed down from the original single cycloid needle wheel to the development of the cycloid reducer, the stepless speed reducer, the gear reducer, the worm gear reducer, and the electric roller for the five kinds of products.

According to the preliminary statistics, the industries with large reducer are: electrical machinery, metallurgical machinery, environmental machinery, electronic and electrical appliances, road machinery, chemical machinery, food machinery, light industrial machinery, mining machinery, transportation machinery, construction machinery, building materials machinery, cement machinery, rubber machinery, hydraulic machinery, petroleum machinery and so on. The number of gear industries used by these industries accounts for the gear used by the whole country.

The state has adopted a proactive fiscal policy to expand domestic demand and speed up investment in fixed assets. The industry has entered the fast lane of development. In particular, investment in infrastructure has accelerated the development of metallurgy, electricity, construction machinery, building materials and energy. Therefore, the demand for gears has gradually expanded.

In 11th Five-Year, it is expected that during the period of 11th Five-Year, the nation’s attention to the mechanical manufacturing industry, the major equipment and the urban transformation and the acceleration process, such as the construction of the stadiums and the market prospects of the speed reducer, will maintain the rapid development trend, especially the growth of the gear reducer, which is the supporting import equipment and the gear reducer most. Related use. Therefore, the industry experts hope to make enterprise development, seize gear reducer, hard surface, especially large reducer, medium, small power reducer, to meet the market demand. From the perspective of industry, the rapid development of private enterprises in Jiangsu province and Zhejiang province has become a new force in the industry in recent years. In addition, Zibo, Shandong, the region is also the gear of many manufacturers. The rapid development of some private enterprises of the reducer has been completed and accumulated more and more by the primitive accumulation. They keep pace with market changes, adjust product mix in time, and constantly improve product quality requirements. In order to improve its competitiveness, the capital investment of testing equipment, laboratory equipment and building expansion, processing capacity and technology purchase have been improved rapidly, but also the training and introduction are also paid attention to, and the enterprise has begun to standardize.


Simple understanding of gear classification of gear reducer

According to the relative position relationship between a pair of gear shaft and shaft, it can be divided into parallel shaft gear transmission and cross shaft gear transmission. Parallel shaft gear transmission can be divided into cylindrical gear transmission and non-circular gear transmission. According to the tooth profile, it is divided into gear transmission, circular arc gear transmission and cycloidal gear transmission.

The intersecting shaft gear transmission is divided into straight bevel gear transmission and helical bevel gear transmission according to the shape of the tooth line. The spiral bevel gear transmission has spiral bevel gear transmission, cycloidal gear cone drive and other base bevel gear transmission. The transmission of hypoid gears for crossed axis helical gears can be divided into hypoid gear transmission and Cycloidal Tooth hypoid gear transmission.

Worm drive can be divided into cylindrical worm drive, toroidal worm drive and conical worm drive. The cylindrical worm drive has Archimedes cylindrical worm drive (ZA), circular cylindrical worm drive (ZC), Zhejiang open line cylindrical worm drive (ZI), straight cylindrical worm drive (ZN). The worm gearing can be divided into TA, TI, TI and TK.

According to the relative motion relationship between the axle and axle, the fixed axis gear train and epicyclic gear train can be divided into two parts. In epicyclic gear trains, an active member forms a definite motion called a planetary gear train, and the two active parts form a definite motion called a differential system. In the planetary gear transmission, there are mainly planetary gear drive with zhe open line and planetary gear drive with few teeth difference. Planetary gear transmission with small tooth number difference can be divided into zhe open line gear, small tooth difference planetary transmission, cycloidal pin wheel planetary gear reducer and harmonic gear drive.

Overseas drive giant to seize the high-end market of China’s occupied reducer

With the accelerated pace of economic globalization, Germany, France, Japan and other countries of the driving equipment manufacturing giants have rushed to China, occupying the middle and high-end market of our speed reducer.

In order to improve the domestic market share of domestic equipment and create national independent brand, the sealing performance of the transmission equipment is high in our chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For a long time, because of the poor sealing performance of domestic transmission equipment, it has caused serious pollution of various industrial gases, liquids and dust.

In recent years, large speed reducer manufacturers in China have also developed a high power, coaxial gear reducer, a Y gear reducer adapted to the needs of mine and underground operation, and suitable for high temperature and high pressure application equipment. The planetary series reducer needed is suitable for more than 20 large categories, hundreds of specifications of series products, such as rotating planetary gear continuously variable speed reducer with large speed range.