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Frederick is a transmission product company that specializes in the production and sale of reducer motors and frequency converters. The company was founded in 1993 by the principle that Mr. Frederick was founded by adhering to the principle of manufacturing the world’s finest mechanical products. A series of deceleration machines include 4 series gear reducers, industrial gearboxes, planetary reducers, precision reducers, four-bar lifts, etc.   Mr. Frederick has always been committed to reducer, geared motor, has been created in China, Xinfulong, Demake, Heracles, these brands, in order to deal with the needs of more and more foreign customers, Mr. Frederick  created the Frederick brand reducer with his own name and sold it to all countries in the world.   Frederick development from a small workshop less than 100 square meters to now more than 20,000 square meters can not do without the dedication and hard work of Mr. Frederick, the company in the lifting of the industry transport industry oil industry steel industry chemical industry packaging industry machinery The industry has achieved outstanding results by many international companies designated suppliers, products sell well all over the world, widely services in major industrial areas, specifically for high-end users to provide reliable transmission equipment and services.  Our company has long been adhering to the “personality transmission    righteousness virtue”, fine transmission wonderful” business connotation, and always provide our customers with professional and satisfactory service, so that Frederic received rave reviews inside and outside the industry, with a good social reputation.  In this rapidly growing and progressive market economy, the Frederick Group will lead the drive industry with the industry’s leading image, the best value for money, young and energetic team, the most cutting-edge marketing concept, and the most sincere service attitude. Pioneer status!

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